What is Silent Fury?

What is Silent Fury?

Silent Fury strives to be that epic scene in the movie where the Captain takes their shattered ship on a death ride into the teeth of the enemy, and might just pull it off.


The Silver Bullet (center) tries to run an Enforcer blockade.  They did not pull it off.


Simple, elegant ship sheets give each vessel their own distinct personality.



The Cyclops is a big, bad Dreadnought – try not to get in front of those guns.


HIT! – the damage system feels like your Chief Engineer reporting serious hits to critical systems.



Light damage to the Engine! Our Reactor’s been destroyed!


Oh yeah, and those figures on the ship?  That’s your crew.  Transport them on board an enemy ship and you’ll be pitting your crew against theirs for command of the vessel.



He who controls the ship, controls the universe the big guns.


Missiles and lasers will fly through the dead of space.  Man and alien will die and heroes will be born*.



*Heroes struck by mass drivers not covered under warranty.


After five years of development, Silent Fury is here to give you an epic space battle like no other.