Hello, and welcome to the Silent Fury FAQ!  All of the questions we’re tired of answering get placed here.


Boarding Actions, in Space?

Yup! Because it’s cool!  We went to great lengths to make a game where you could actually have crew moving around on ships in a space battle – so boarding actions in Silent Fury are exciting tactical conflicts in their own right.


Why no 3-D movement?

Short answer: Because it’s hard.

Long answer:  3-D movement and firing was something I wanted to include in Silent Fury that I ultimately just couldn’t justify in the overall design – my design objectives of keeping the game simple to learn and fast to play proved incompatible with our attempts to bring Silent Fury into three-dimensional space.

Ultimately I made a judgement call and this is one of the areas where Silent Fury leans away from realism in favor of making the game simpler and faster.